Sunday, November 11, 2012

Huey and the New Yorkers, Bush Hall - 7 November

This is the gig where we finally met Huey. One of my favourite people in the world from NY has been trying to get us to meet Huey since he moved over here. Think he lives in Leicester or something. The last time Fun Lovin' Criminals played in London, we went to see them at Koko. The attempts to get in touch were foiled by a hurricane or something. I swear, I don't miss that season in NY. And now there's another one. It's terrible.

At any rate, we went along to his album launch at Rough Trade Records East a couple of weeks ago and met him ourselves. Even brought Jr, which meant that I didn't actually get to see the numbers he played off his new album. I did meet him afterwards, as he and Jr posed for photos. Jr's a ham. We left because I was starving and a corned beef bagel was calling to me. It's a hazard around that area.

So, we get to Bush Hall, and it's pretty full. Huey and the NYers are just coming on. It's a decent sized band -  guitarists: Chris, King, Na'im; the keyboardist and the drummer. The drummer's Frank from FLC. The keyboardist is Pete, who I will keep confusing Frank with later.They look nothing alike. I had been drinking.

The band were definitely out for a good time, and wound up taking the audience with them. All the songs, even if you don't know the lyrics, have you singing along by the end of them, and they are very danceable. He started out with Stick it to the Man and got sentimental with Christmas by the Side of the Road. He also sang a few standards. Chris had some good guitar solos, and Peter was a whizz on the keyboards. The band came out for two encores and I think we would've been there all night, but as one of the guys said, that's all the songs we know. But that is most definitely untrue. They must know more songs. I know they do.

At any rate, we stayed for one more beer after the show, and that was probably an error on my part. Mr wandered off and came back with after show party tickets, and instead of saying, oh no, we have to get the train and we have a babysitter... I said, great! let's go. So we went upstairs.

Now, I am not much of a drinker anymore and I had a few. Then one more over my personal limit. So, poor Huey and the boys were subjected to drunken Mrs. I was surrounded by people from NY - more specifically, Manhattan. These people are like baby pigeons.They must exist, but you never actually see any. Everyone moves to NYC or lives in the outer boroughs, in my experience. It was nice to hear their accents. I had a weird sense of being back in New York, just for one evening. Talking about the election and Hurricane Sandy.

At any rate, I must now publicly apologise for thinking Huey's full name is Hubert instead of the actual and more probable Hugh. And generally making a nuisance of myself at the party. But they seemed very cheerful and gracious as a bunch. It was too much fun and I paid for it the next day. As my co-worker said, "On a school night!" Yep. Ow.

Marks out of 10: this was definitely a 9.5. Huey and the gang have continued FLC's tradition of making sure they tear the roof off any venue they play in. A great night out. On a Wednesday!