Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Coast, Shepherd's Bush Empire - June 20

Sorry for any lack of coherence in this blog. I have taken over an old one and revamped it a bit. I find we see a lot of gigs and I forget all about them, so this seems to me a pretty good way to remember them. And share my unofficial opinion on them. You are free to disagree. 

Last night, Mr and I went to see Best Coast, a California duo. They were playing at Shepherd's Bush Empire in West London. Truthfully, although the groundlings were enthusiastic downstairs, the band seemed a little bit lost and maybe would've been better at Bush Hall, a smaller venue nearby. It was a lot of guitar and kind of drowned out what turned out to be quite a lovely voice on Bethany Cosentino. Bit of a shame, really. The covers she did at the end were the strongest part, because then you heard what notes she could hit.

I also liked the bear hugging the state logo on their t-shirts, but they didn't have my size. Sometimes, the most 'meh' kind of bands come up with really good graphics. We went to a concert with Mona last year, a boy guitar band, at Koko. I bought a t-shirt because it was pretty cool looking. I get more compliments on it. Can I remember any of their songs? Noooo.

I also like it when bands get their support acts on, which Best Coast did at the end. The audience skewed young, but then again, unless I'm at a Squeeze or Neil Diamond show, we're often the oldest ones in the room. Overall, an enjoyable muscial experience.

Marks out of 10: 6. For the covers, really.