Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ben Watt Trio - Village Underground 10 November

Haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd get back to it. Been busy lately. Mr and I headed to the Village Underground off Shoreditch High Street. Normally we head to Rough Trade East, which is also nearby. Then bagels. But not Monday.

Ben Watt, one half of 80s and 90s pop sensation Everything But the Girl, was performing hits old and new with Bernard Butler (guitarist from Suede) and Martin Ditcham, who has drummed for the likes of Talk Talk.

So it was a mashup of my teenage years, but with a twist. Everybody else there was kind of on the same page too. When I mentioned Ben Watt to my 20-something co-worker, she had no idea who I was talking about. I am getting used to this feeling.

Mike Chapman opened up. We missed the first act. His name was not Mark Chapman as Mr erroneously reported to me earlier in the evening. He did not look like someone who would shoot anyone, much less a president. He played with his eyes shut, which was a bit distracting. He said he sometimes is alarmed when they come up on stage while he has his eyes shut. I can't see why anyone would wander up on stage uninvited, but apparently Shawaddywaddy actively encourages it. Mike looked like he didn't need any help from us so we stayed where we were. Vaguely New Orleans-style guitar strumming.

Ben Watt's performance was one of those 90 minutes of tunes that just fly by. There were several songs from his new album Hendra, plus a sprinkling of EBTG tunes and other songs he has done. I really enjoyed it and sang along with the few tunes I did know from the olden days.

Afterwards, the band were available for autographs, which was good. I got a photo of Mr with Bernard and we went home. A very satisfactory outing to my musical past.

Music: 8
Atmosphere: 8. Good venue, this one.
Beer: Never had a Hobo before, but it was an acceptable brew. Fizzy.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Nell Bryden, Bush Hall in Shepherd's Bush - 17 May

I have been meaning to blog about her but have instead been feeling guilty when I keep playing Nell Bryden  third album, Shake the Tree, over and over in my car. We saw her at Bush Hall on May 14 and it was excellent. The songs she writes are very evocative of Manhattan. Her voice is a nice combination of Annie Lennox and Eva Cassidy.
Sorry for not reporting back sooner... I was on vacation, the cat ate my homework...

Marks out of 10: 8

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Veronica Falls, Islington Assembly Rooms - 23 April

Mr went to see this band a while ago with another friend, and since I had never been to the assembly rooms I was happy to go along this time. Would recommend the venue - the toilets in particular are old-school in a good way and everything is very well-maintained. Also, the beverages were not extortionate - £4 for a cider is a reasonable sum.

Veronica Falls must be popular with Lond's ageing hipster crowd, as there were a lot of them there. She says, with her brown plastic framed glasses.

We got there in time for one of the opening acts, Comet Gain. A collection of haircuts from the 60s - one of the guys looked like the blonde one from the Monkees, although he didn't look as fresh-faced.They were kind of toe-tapping but I couldn't remember any of the song names.

Veronica Falls came on and provided the discussion for the evening, which was: why the bass player does not have a microphone. It looked odd. She sat over in the corner and played the bass. Occasionally she'd look out at the audience while the other three got to sing over the fairly grindy guitars and the drums. At one point I thought they were singing van houten credit card, but in reality it was dearly departed. Which is actually the song called Found Love in a Graveyard.

Ah well. Marks out of 10:
Venue: 9, although it is a bit of a trek from the tube/train. Plus there's lots of trendy places to eat/drink nearby
Band: 6. They were ok. Maybe if they give the poor bass player a microphone I'll up the number