Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Olympic Wrestling and Basketball - 10 August

By now the Olympics are over and we are all just sitting around in the heat, occasionally hugging our Wenlocks and cruising the ticket website for more Paralympics tickets. Watching Olympic highlights on tv. Wasn't it all just great? Oh look, the opening ceremony is on again. I think the BBC could start up a whole channel devoted to the Olympics and we would all watch it. Sigh.

I got a few sets for the Paralympic last year. I am firmly of the opinion that watching people compete when they can see or have all their limbs is amazing, anybody doing it with less is miraculous. Plus, I wanted to get to see the Greenwich Park setup from the inside. So, we are taking Junior to the Paralympics. The tickets were also ridiculously cheap compared to the Olympics.

I am completely psyched for the equestrian and the wheelchair tennis. Plus we've got day passes to the Olympic Park itself, but I am not sure if we'll be able to get to see anything then. Will report on that here later.

We spent our last Olympic day on Friday at freestyle wrestling and basketball. In basketball, we saw the 2012 version of the Dream Team in action against Argentina. Even though we were up in the gods at the North Greenwich Arena, our view was excellent. They had a kiss cam like the one that caught POTUS and FLOTUS out recently, as well as a bongo-cam. However, that all happened far below us.

It was all very American, tho. I had my little flag. Mr had his foam hand that seemed to be the envy of all. I was particularly impressed with the troop that came on of double-dutch jump ropers, who did amazing things with their ropes, during one of the last breaks in play. I don't mind basketball much. It seems to move pretty quickly. The US won.

The freestyle wrestling was a bit chaotic because they were running three matches at once on the mats. Made it kind of hard to follow. The Georgians and Iranians were out in force as it seems to be big there.

Transport to and from these venues was easy, athough the cable cars were pretty packed. The queues moved fast. The shuttle buses moved us from the train station to North Greenwich. I miss the shuttle buses.

Oh well. It all seems so long ago. Roll on 29 August. I can figure what to do with my life after the Paralympics are over, ha ha.