Monday, October 22, 2012

Rebekah Delgado, Bush Hall - 17 October

"We all need someone, yes we do..." Rebekah Delgado needs a lot of people with her, on stage. Yes she does. At least the two times I've seen her, once supporting Alice Gold and last week for her hugely entertaining launch show. At Bush Hall. One of my personal favs. And it all fit so well. You'd think the loads of people with her would fall off the stage, but they all seem really comfortable up there. Plus, the audience joins in. See?
Just Rebekah, and a few of her friends and fellow musicians.

We came in, they crossed us off the guest list, and caught the last few numbers of supporting act Tom Hickox. He has a voice like the lead singer from the Crash Test Dummies. Once again I show my age with that reference. But they still have a website so they're still out there. Very good tunes, Mr. Hickox.

After a suitable lull, Rebekah came on with her gang. I like this trend where where they break the set in half and then we don't all have to clap like idiots to get them to come out for an encore. Plus, we could see from the programme that it was going to happen. The hall was by no means packed, and the emcee had to encourage all us shy audience members to come forward for better viewing of the musicians. So we did. Mr says it was as if all her friends and family showed up, plus us 10 fans.

That being said, who missed the crowd? Not us. We were having a good time. We sang along, we clapped, and then the interval occurred and these puppet people and an accordionist came around with cupcakes! 

Cupcakes handed out, the puppet dances
Cupcakes at a gig! They were from Upsy Daisy Bakery, which according to their website has won cupcake of the year or something. The cakes were quite tasty, IMHO, but Mr likes his cupcakes ith less icing, so we agree to disagree. I did notice that he finished his cupcake, however. It had lemon curd inside it. Mmmm.

But what a deal. A concert and a cupcake. They should do that more often. And then, we had an acrobat. Why not? 

After that, the second half. Another singalong. Her songs are very catchy. And then we went home. It was fab. A true night of entertainment.

Marks out of 10: 9, definitely. If you don't know her music, go along and watch the lady on stage play the muscial saw. Or the puppets dance. Next time there will have to be a dancing bear. RD knows what we want - cupcakes and circuses. And delivers it.